Improvements to the sky

In unturned, there’s little that can be done with the biggest part of the map: the sky. People can look at stars and clouds. You can fly a plane. You can build a horrendous base. however, what if there was less base and more space? Here’s the idea:

add space that can be traveled to inside a spaceship. the space ship is craftable or can be found at space map locations. space has places to land. Think of how cool it’d be to land on the sun and make a wooden base there. you could even recreate the iss out of buildables. there’s also no gravity and you need a space suit that can be found at military locations or at civilian locations during halloween.

  • i like space
  • i hate space

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The clouds have a total overhaul. they now form and deform like a body in a garbage compactor, and they also can be shaped like things. If you look hard enough at the sky in real life, you’ll begin to go crazy and will think that some clouds look like objects. For instance, clouds could have shapes resembling sheep or clowns, and they can be affected by planes. for instance, a jet will leave behind clouds that look like lines. flying into a big cloud makes the pilot unable to see, and could cause the plane to crash.

  • i like clouds
  • clouds are bad

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Finally, the sky will have support for skyboxes. these just look good. there’s no reason for a poll, because i know you like that idea. i’ll include the poll anyways because it makes me seem like a better person and it’s more entertaining for you.

  • I like skybox.
  • you legitimately hate skyboxes.

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if you hate skyboxes, explain why. Thanks for your reading preasure great time i hope you like ideas. don’t forget to like, comment, and



this is redardt

unturned 2 players when unturned 2 doesn’t have every feature from real life



@turkler Realism chodes when they don’t get realism for no reason.

I have some issues with this suggestion. I voted with “i hate space” since there was no option like “change it” or similiar.

  • When talking about symbolism, space represent that of transcending limits. Unturned makes use of this limit however for it’s gameplay. It may be annoying, 'cause it restricts you to do a lot of awesome stuff like centerman12346’s idea of flying into space. Even for me it’s stupid when you are not able to move/drive/fly to another region, but that’s a limit which will be probably continued in U4. Because limiting stuff gives you a better overview of what there is and so you can better focus on your work. Having an unlimited map would either require the map to be infinite like in Minecraft (unrealistic; could work, but requires a map generator which isn’t going to be a big thing in U4, I guess), or to be round (realistic, but would be a huge amount of work to make a map/world that doesn’t look like a marble). This might sound like a shitpost, but in U3 (and probably in U4), the earth is flat. And how should it looks like from space? Like this?:

  • When reaching the map borders, you are obstructed by invisible walls. It’s odd, but it will be odder when having those borders in space. I compare it with a cuboid, with it’s hight going into infinity. Example (yeay, paint drawing skills):

Earth and moon

Like I already wrote, it’s stupid to have to move along invisible walls in space.

  • Then, what should be there in space? The moon, mars, the entire universe like in “Unknown Skies”? First, Unturned isn’t supposed to be a space simulator (or, I dunno what’s on Nelson’s mind). It’s a zombie apocalypse / survival simulator. And this require already a lot of work to bring into perfection. And second, when taking the cuboid example into consideration again, there won’t be much space (unintended joke) to have an entire planet to fit in. One possible and for the sake of gameplay usable way would be to have the “other” side of this cuboid being the moons surface, but that would be also limiting and being boring really quickly.

  • If we all agree to have space, what should be there on other planets you would strive for? The sights? Well, just stand in front of a greenscreen and make a photo. Resources? There wouldn’t be much (if at all) to get there what you already have on earth. White rocks and maybe some metal scraps, maybe rare minerals, but that’s all. This isn’t a reason to get to the moon.

  • I would rather have maps or portals/cutscenes where you enter a spaceship’s door and land on the moon or similiar, because that’s a better way to have this feature implemented without messing around with the sky. And it’s more creative to get around this issue.

Remember to land at night. And bring some marshmallows with you.

How is a halloween costume supposed to shield of cosmic rays that’s going to shorten my lifespan drastically or makes me more cancer than human? Comparing by Unturned’s features, space is just a gigantic Deadzone Node you wouldn’t survive without proper gear. Maybe I miss the joke, but space shouldn’t be a small walk to the grocer.

Gravity might be interesting. Like having a higher pull when deep underground or less when up in the sky or in Null-Gravity-Pods. But what would be the purpose of this? I cannot come up with a combat affecting feature on earth. Maybe space battles like in

James Bond: Nightfire:

(skip to 1:18)

Or Wolfenstein: The New Order’s Spacewalk:

(skip to 18:00)

Except from hearing sounds, you know, vacuum preventing sound waves. Could be an interesting horror aspect, hearing nothing but your breath and not knowing if or where the monster is.

(If I sound rude, I’m sorry. I just found the concept troublesome so I simply applied some criticism.)

Seriously, it’s a stupid idea. This is a survival game. Why fly into space. Why build bases there when there is nothing there. Absolutely nothing. There’s only cheese on the moon. Although I don’t think anyone would want to eat space cheese.

Skyboxes already exist and Unreal has ready support for them.

If there were clouds then it would be interesting to see volumetric, procedural clouds that change depending on factors like wind, temperature, and external forces such as airplanes as you mentioned.

space could be cool but idk tho

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I am claustrophobic.

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Space would be an interesting idea for mods and certain maps like that one moon map for 3.0. For regular vanilla I wouldn’t think it’d be too good of an idea though.

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unturned: infinite warfare

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Hot offworld space babes

On a other Side of me i would love to Explore unturned space thats habitated with space pirates , species of UFO aliens thats on unturned 2 or much interesting aliens , alien animals (doggos uwu) and upgrade my Arsenal and armor with other planets materials and crates

But this would ve low priority

From the one side fly into space sounds fuc31ng great, just imagine that unturned will be the first survival game with a flight into space, but its not. Becouse from another side it will be literaly terrible. Flying houses everywhere, tons of loot flying in space, II hate that stuff. Also you dont think about potato computers.

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