Improving the game :)

Firstly, I don’t know how many people want, but what would be at least 32-40 people on all servers, because when you run on the map and do not hear a single fight, you become sad. secondly, I want all the bugs to be removed (water, etc.). I want you to add your own classic servers and not only them, but also mod servers (2x, home, etc.). It is also advisable to remove the ability to build on different locations for loot, that’s all :slight_smile:

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I didnt understand anything, i mean, ur ideas are kinda messed up.
Try compressing all ur info and write it in a beter way, because right know its really messy.

And… i dont understand what do u mean by “improving the game” and then saying “32-40 people on all servers” and THEN u say u become sad when there is no fight.
I think that is not improvement, its ur seek of pvp and kos.

How is “water” a bug? None of these feel like improvements nelson himself needs to add either as there’s already tons of various community created servers and there’s no limitation on player counts to only have 24 slot servers either. Revoking access for players to build in various locations already exists and has existed for a while.


What ?

Why did it send as an MP4 and not a GIF ???

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Why you always use caps lock on words that the not even start or are names etc.

Emphasis (10 chars)

oh sorry XD i speak spanish, and here the language its like more expressive, so i like use caps lock on some words with more strenght. But yeah, gramatically is all wrong.

Please specify

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kay have a nice day or night

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You cna already exceed the 24 slot limit. The “on all servers” part is just stupid since you don’t get to decide how people run their servers.

24 is plenty for most maps imho, but then again I am not a fan of PvP.

“Bro just fix the bugs bro”
If only it were that simple

Not happening in 3.X, basically confirmed for II

Nah. Vanilla or bust, anything else can and should be hosted by the community.

Blocking of loot spawns is annoying and one of the main reasons servers wipe. Again one of those things that should be up to a servers staff and not dictated by anyone else.

I don’t mean to be a dick but this does not sound like a suggestion you spent more than three minutes one.

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