In Celebration Of Pride Month: Pride PEI

Last year, Pride Month was celebrated on the forums via Romelete’s “Happy Pride Month” post. I wanted to make a similar tribute, but this drive foundered on the rocks of originality- try as I might, I could not conceive of a truly unique or original idea. And then: it hit me.

Pride PEI.

I covered the entire map in pride flags- from top to bottom. And then it hit me- why should I stop here?

The full list of pride variants includes Lesbian PEI, Ace PEI, Pan PEI, Trans PEI, Bi PEI, and Non-Binary PEI. If you have any more you wish me to make, just ask- I’ll gladly throw it together! NOTE: Try and only have one pride map installed at any time. Due to how I did this, having two or more maps will lead to ID conflicts and one pride flag overriding another.

All these maps are now available for download here. Only Pride PEI is actually publicly accessible- to avoid spamming the workshop with low-quality submissions, I’ve added the rest as unlisted links in the description of Pride PEI. Happy Pride Month!


now make this pride flag


consoom product pls


i never knew you could do that in unturned

Its the decal thing. You scale it to make it mask an entire model.

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celebrating pride by making maps an absolutely terrible visual experience.

yeah, thats about right.


it’s the only way

Unturned x Skittles collab confirmed


Pyrovision but it hurts

What would have been a better idea if you decorated the map with art and flags, because this map will give people seizures

i dont get why anyones mad at this, its not something you have to play on and tbh its kinda funny seeing the map in like 6 different colours. also wtf based map

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Nobody is mad, just your imagination.


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