In Game Map Editing?

Hey guys idk if there is any currents threads on this, but is there going to be an in game map editor like there was on U 3.x? I would like to know this because on some games, for instance rust, you have to go into the game engine and make it from there. I personally hate game engines and they confuse the crap out of me. I was an Unturned 3.x map creator and spent many months slowly making maps and I really enjoyed doing it. Anyway what’s the scoop on that?

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I don’t really know, but Unreal is really user friendly, even more thatn 3.x’s map editor, it even has that vr editor that 3.x had and many more advanced options.

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Yea i’m really excited to see how its all going to work out on 4.x with the new engine.

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If I’m not mistaken, the map editor is planned to be standalone from the base game, and will likely be accessed from the Epic Games launcher. I believe it’s supposed to be more similar to the Devkit (in the sense that it is a lot more technical-looking in appearance, probably similar to an engine editor in a way) in 3.0 rather than the more “noob-friendly” in game one.

EDIT: Here’s a post from Molton back from August showing the UII Dev Kit editor. It appears to be much more like an engine editor than the user-friendly one that 3.0 has, but as Molt described in a later post, knowing how the Unturned 3 devkit works will make using UII’s much easier.


I read up on that thread, definitely some good points made. Although I am sad because game engines are confusing to me, but ill learn.

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