Increasing Plant Growth Time and Yield

I have a suggestion for II. How about (as the title says) increase plant growth time and yield?

Growth Time
Currently in Unturned plants grow in a couple in game days, but only produce 1 or 2 crops. My suggestion is that it could be changed to a couple in game weeks. But Jeff! It’ll take forever waiting all those nights and days for food! But if you read the Trello, Nelson does hint at adding a sleeping mechanic. It’ll be longer, obviously, but it won’t be that long.

Crop Yield
Here’s the kicker: The plants would produce more crops. So for example, instead of a corn plant giving 1 (or 2) corn, it would produce, say 5 or 6 depending on your skill level. Certain plants (like tomatoes, peppers and berries) would produce a crop, then produce another crop in a much shorter time than it took to grow the plant itself. Because the plant is already grown, it doesn’t need much time to grow the produce. The downside is that these plants can only produce a few crops (again, depending on skill level) before the plant dies.

Speeding Up Growth Process + Fertilizers
Currently we can slap down a seed, throw fertilizer on it, and BAM! Instant food! But how about the fertilizer speeds up the process, but doesn’t make it instant. Rain would speed the process too, at a quicker pace, but only speeds up the process while it’s raining. If speeding up the process with fertilizer isn’t an option, it could be used to grow higher quality produce (i.e. more filling and healthy)

Fertilizer, due to it’s incredible usefulness, could be made harder to find. It could also be craftable, but takes a while to make it. Maybe by a compost bin of some sort?
A bit of challenge could be thrown in by having wild animals eat the crops occasionally. (Crops could be used as bait for wild game?)
Crops could not all yield evenly sometimes or could die because of diseases.

How Does this Benefit the Game?
It makes it more immersive. Since II is going to lean heavily towards PVE, a farming overhaul is in check. This would encourage people to plant their crops at different times rather than all at once, so they could have a constant stream of food.

That’s all I got! Feedback is welcome!


Very nice idea , i’ll be watching this suggestion

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I would suggest that plants need watering once every 3 game-days (for idk how long the plamt will need to grow) Raining would just fulfill the watering process entirely.

And I never understood why in 3.0 you only harvest 1 crop from 1 seed. It should be at least 2 to at least give an insentive to practice farming and upgrading your skill. Because harvesting the same seed you planted without any actual gain is useless and time wasting. Unless you fully upgrade your farming skills, farming is absolutely useless. Which is why it has to be at least 2 crops to help the player survive. Farming skills can be upgraded to craft more than 1 seed from 1 crop. Improved growing speed. Less need to water. And more crops.

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The one thing that bugs me the most with the current system (and is one of the reasons why I think it should be overhauled entirely for UII instead of just tweaked) is that every crop in U2/U3 is destroyed once you harvest it. It’s really redundant given crops that can be repeatedly harvested without dying and having to be regrown from scratch.


I don’t really care whether light, salinity, hydration, fertility, weeds, pests, radiation etc. are or aren’t factored into plant productivity/survival/maintenance/yields/growth, but different plants should have different needs, and some of these needs should be provided naturally in certain areas or seasons of a map. If you’re planting a berry bush in PEI and neglect it, it should survive just as well, but be no more fruitful than a wild berry bush. In Kuwait, a berry bush shouldn’t survive without care, but a prickly pear might be more fruitful there than back in PEI.

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