Infinity Gauntlet to come soon in Unturned

The Infinity Gauntlet soon comes to Unturned to snap foes out of existence like how the mad titan Thanos does it. Here is a finished model of vanilla style.

Where did I get the idea? Well I made a poll that assists me in making a unique mod & it finalizes with a whooping clash between it and the MO Animals while leaving everything behind & leaving the poor defensive staff & giant sword untouched from votes.

What do you think about it & what would you expect from it? You can comment your expectations to ask how would this be possible.


This does put a smile on my face


I’m assuming this one is using soulcrystals?

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Obligatory I get to use this again


This does put a smile on my dev


It’s inevitable

Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.

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You’re a legend.

how does it work? do you just press the attack button and it’ll snap something out of existence?

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Not really. I won’t tell much but the gauntlet will feature a melee like bayonets do & the snap will be a hammer animation after a full reload.

you make it a basic melee weapon, but once you start getting infinity stones, it increases the melee power of the gauntlet

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No, its going to be a gun that uses the stones as ammunition. While being able to shoot, you can also press the bayonet hotkey to melee. Other info is classified until release.

I love this post 3,000


I have one of those. But I can’t find it…

Reality is often disappointing.


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