Inflatible raft

I was thinking an inflatible raft could be made of a new material, rubber, to allow a portable transport vehicle. It could be inflated and while inflating it, it does a first person or 3rd person cutscene style animation.

Just a thought.

This would be better as something you could come across. Most people don’t know how to put together an inflatable raft and most who do wouldn’t prioritize making one in a survival situation.

Definitely something I’d like to see as an item you can find, probably not something that should be crafted.


I was thinking, craft it, take it with you, use it when needed.

It would be pretty neat to have little animation to just pull a cord and toss it forwards while it inflates, possibly a simple animation to just deflate it and when it’s finished you just pick it up.


I honestly like that idea, das niiiice ver nice

Only downsides are that it would have very low health. Though i could see it as an early game mod of transportation.

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