Ingame map editor

I think it would be awesome to have a ingame map editor for Admins Etc… like I am a server owner and sometimes I get 'n brand new map idea something that I want to add but to do that I have to edit the map load it up to the workshop and put it on my server and that takes a lot of time for one NPC or a Building…

Like Arma has Zeus which gives you the ability to add buildings and structures ingame which I think would be awesome for Unturned 4.0

I dunno, this could absolutely be abused by the awful admins on today’s servers.


Pretty sure this is/was planned/considered for some version of Unturned. Although, I don’t remember if it was on the 4.X wishlist, 4.X roadmap, or 3.X roadmap.

Idk…it pretty much sounds like you wanna rip a copy off of an official map but with your own tweaks.

If this happens I will make a dungeons and dragons style server and host as Dungeon Master. (just wait until the only food left is glue!)

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Uhh…why don’t you just use the existing map editor like a normal person, then?

He wants to be able to add objects, move them, scale them etc. in-game. Support!

The “abusive admins” argument isn’t that good, as you can just leave and go on a good server. To minimize this, official vanilla servers should be hosted so you can start playing and know there will be no abusive admins.

Dedicated official servers are already confirmed.

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