Hey guys i was just curious am i the only one re watching all the devlogs atleast 3 times ? and not just the new one i m pretty sure you guys do two. we will see comments down below.

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I’m sure it’s important to look back at the devlogs in case you need a reference or to remind yourself on the current information of the new game.

Well at least for me. Helps with dealing with others (Mostly outside this forum) who don’t read them.

(So no you’re not the only one)


Ye maybe its just looks to good and promising for a free game i think Nelson is on a good way to write history whit unturned4.0 just like he did whit the previous versions

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I do actually go back and re-read and re-watch some of the devlog posts and videos mostly out of excitement for 4.0. The vehicle devlog got me hyped more than ever as I re-watched the short video, pausing at multiple instances in order to look at all the details that I might have missed.

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