Insane Size Curated Map?

This might sound a bit extreme, but large sized maps just don’t feel very large. There just doesn’t seem like there’s enough room to base away from other people on maps and it would be nice to expand the lore and gameplay with more locations and unique terrain. Think of a map where the deadzone is on a small island in a massive lake. Then people wouldn’t just grind out filters but would also have to get a boat and enough gas to make the trip. I also think that it would be a good idea to expand the size of most cities as they really feel small. It’s really just a random thought, but it’s worth looking into.

I believe there are active attempts at curated or at least curated-quality Insane maps. I have no idea if the issues that map size had long ago still exist, maybe the only downside now is size and player count.

Base locations being relatively close together is definitely a thing now, but at least from my past experiences, Large is a nice size for still having player interactions in cities. I don’t know if we have many servers going decently above the old 24 player limit now but I guess an Elver-style map layout where you have one or two central locations and then the rest of the map is empty would work.

Long-distance map progression and larger city layouts have been something I’ve always wanted but I’ll be too busy over the next few weeks to work on my ideas involving that.

I remember from old discussions that Insane maps were removed since they were called “server killers”: you need to have REALLY GOOD specs on your server to run it smoothly just for the map, imagine now players + buildables + items + zombies. Those maps on the past weren’t able to run, now time has changed and we have better CPUs on servers, but still thats the point of why there are not much insane maps

I know at least one attempt of making an insane-sized curated map, it’s British Isles by Romelete

Curated maps are supposed to be more or less accessible by everyone, so an insane sized map would take too much toll and require a high-end device to properly run. It would be a lot of fun, but it would be a game-sized team that would have to develop it.

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imo and from what I’ve observed, this is the main factor, not concerns of accessibility. There have been various attempt at an insane sized curated map, and all have either experienced extremely long development cycles that turned into development hell or were dropped early on due to how immensely difficult it is to develop something of that size.

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