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Hey there, I’ve been reading through the documentation on object interactability here:

and I noticed in this document that NPC was included in the interactable types alongside stuff like rubble and dropper.

It seemed strange to have this here since typically you define the NPC object as an NPC in it’s object type at the top of the .dat file, not in the interactability section.

To test this I tried setting up an NPC interactable the same way I would with a dropper, so in the .dat file of one of my objects I added;

Interactability NPC
Interactability_Dialogue 4500

And tried to run the game with that. Unfortunately I get crashing when loading the level so it doesn’t seem like this works, but that leads me to my question. Is the Intractability NPC type described in the doc above meant to be used the same way Interactability Dropper or Rubble is used or is it just describing the NPC object type?

This would be great if it’s the former, since an actual object sending the player to dialogue would be amazing, but it seems to crash my game when I attempt it.

Any info on this would be amazing, thanks!

When using Type NPC, object interactability is simply, automatically set to Interactability NPC as well – without needing to be manually specified.

Sorry, but you still need to assign Type NPC in order for the NPC to work properly.

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Ahh, I thought that was the problem but was being hopeful. Thank you.

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