Interactable droppers models

I have to explain this well, I know that the dropper is interactable, but my point here is to make it so that when interacting with them in the normal way, change the model_0 to model_1 as if it were a state_binary but that it cannot go to model_0 until the reset time passes and drop the item (more like destroy but without damage) and that it does not drop anything during the time that it lasts as model_1 (which would be possible by setting the delay and the reset at the same time), my suggestion is that you can change the model and keep the dropper function, I asked if it already existed and he answered me that droppers dont have states, ¿doubts?


I asked for something similar a while ago, where dropppers would transform into ‘dead’ model used by destroyable objects upon usage and revert to ‘alive’ (untouched) model when the reset timer is back, I would not be surprised if it was forgotten.

I can say that some more functionality with the droppers, whether what post described or I did, would be very welcome.


it would have been good in arid

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This is an old topic, but a few days ago I saw a Workshop creator do something similar to what both of you are asking for (but with just the tools already available). Two separate objects – one is the dropper, the other is the binary state.

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Its good to know that there is a technique to do it
At the moment I can’t test them or see the .dat if they use the NPC global event hook o similar
Anyway thx for letting us know

This mod uses the unofficial mod of “InteractableObjectdropper.cs”, which allows the mod hook to trigger item generation, and the player does not need to interact with the Dropper model.

You could use a command block to change the dropper’s model when it is interacted with, and then set up a redstone timer to trigger another command block after the reset time has passed to change the model back to its original state.

Alternatively, you could use a custom resource pack to change the dropper’s texture when it is in its altered state, and then switch it back when the reset time has passed.

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