Interacting with Objects

I have a few ideas that I felt like submitting to the Forums community for Unturned 4.x. If you have ever really thought about it interacting with objects in Unturned 3.x hasn’t always been great. Hell I remember the day we could open fridges and counters, but what if you could push those fridges around? What if you could barricade yourself inside a house with no building materials at all?

Imagine yourself, full moon and hundreds of those red eyed monsters chasing you and your golf club around the neighborhood. You see a house with broken barricades inside the windows, you decide it’d be a great place to hide for the night. As you go around the corner of the house you hop in the window and run upstairs. As you enter the second floor room you aim your cursor to the side of a bookshelf, you walk up against it and press “F” (Or any other key, suggestions?) what this action does is it gives you the ability to push the bookshelf in front of the doorway so no zombies can get in. You think you’re safe, but you’re not, zombies start banging on the door. I need more things to block the doorway. You decide to go to the corner of the room and push a tiny sofa against the bookshelf for more support. After waiting nearly 2 minutes the banging stops as the zombies have realized they can’t get inside. The sun soon starts shining and you look through the cracks of the barricade to see no zombies at all, you’re finally safe.


nice little diary page there m8


@Sirba Thanks d00d.

I think that’s a great idea but one problem, if you just click “f” then watch an animation happen. You would be wasting a lot of time. Maybe (like salvaging) you hold down “f” and walk in the direction you want to move the item.

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