Interaction between animals

Hunt: Wolves can attack servants in the forest to feed themselves deer in turn they attack with their horns, dogs can be trained to protect herds or attack them if the owner gives this order, bears and wolves can fight for a deer carcass or carnivorous birds can attack other types of birds or small mammals such as squirrels and rats, cats can attack rats and squirrels, bears can go to rivers with the intention of catching fish, snakes attack rodents and birds, Horses defend from predators with kicks and bites, dogs attack wolves that offer danger to the player or herds, Reproduction: after the puppies are born the dog becomes aggressive dogs attack anything that comes close to the puppies, even if it is a squirrel, wolves hunt for food or feed your puppies.machos and females: for reproduction it will be necessary to add male and female animals the difference can be size or color, bitches stop to obey the owner to take care of the puppies while males are always at disposal.

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Was this a suggestion for #unturned-3 or #unturned-4 or #unturned-1-2?

Recategorized to #unturned-4

I stopped reading at “reproduction”. Interaction could be interesting, but fleshing it out to that extent would be dumb. Animals as they are now are fine, either passive or aggressive, and mainly detrimental or helpful to the player.

And please, before posting, think about how this would affect the game and the player.
-Would it be useful?
-Would it be detrimental to the player or would it help the player?
-Would the game get too full with suggestions like these?

These are all good questions to think about before posting to ensure you aren’t just crapping out dumb ideas onto the forum. Quality > Quantity.


thanks for the tips! :slight_smile:

Okay, thanks, this helps me post better things.

This cracks me up a little…

Anyhow. I’ll stand on what Animeticfreak said. Maybe a hint of “the usage of the right space bar everytime you wrote one of the choices.”

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