Interactive mud/water

It would be nice to see mud around rivers tgat vehicles could interact with and sink in/slide in, and you’d need a carjack/better wheels to get out of the mud. It would also be nice to be able to cross shallow water/rivers in offroaders and tanks, and have mud and wet sand around rivers that cars could interact with.


I think getting vehicles stuck in mud might be a bit much, but maybe mud would slow you down dramatically if you didn’t have treads or better tires.


that’d be cool. maybe if vehicles were harder to control as well, sliding around and stuff

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Perhaps you could bury mines or yourself under the mud, perfect for ambushes and what not.

Mud physics would be too hardware demanding and unnecessary for Unturned.

…this would be cool and realistic,without frying our GPU’s

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inb4: Is this Spintires?

i think if you could leave a mud trail behind that be neat


(The mud will indent the actural ground a little, and make a no-collision object that makes it look like your in mud partway, also laying in mud takes oxygen)

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