Interface Language setting (& misc. things)


Choose your Language

Hey guys, just wanted to make all of you aware of a new setting. If you go to your settings, you can now choose the language that most of the interface text will appear in. Obviously, yes, this is an English-oriented site. However, a lot of our English-speaking users here do speak other languages, and this is a simple addition that should make the site a bit more enjoyable.

I did not do the translations. They are done by Discourse, and as of right now I don’t believe I have any way to expand/improve the localization. Some things may not be translated at all, or translated poorly. That being said, I hope some of you will have a better experience with this setting. If not, there’s not really a downside to having it around anyways.

“Map Curator” title

Some of you may have noticed people like @danaby2 and @Noobyfish with the “Map Curator” title next to their usernames. Sometime ago, I added a new badge to the site. This badge is manually given out to those who have had a map get curated.

If you have this badge, you can go to your settings and apply the “Map Curator” title to your account, similar to “Leader” and “Regular”. Not every map curator has an account on the SDG Forum, but everyone who does has received the badge.

When I made this badge, I had also considered creating one for skin curators, but I did not do so. This may happen in the future, but I’m weary of adding more badges due to how some people prioritize badge farming over productive content.

“This topic will close 14 days after the last reply.”

I’m sure most of you have seen this. This was implemented very shortly after the categories, sub categories, and tags were reworked/added to the SDG Forum.

In the weeks since then, I have also experimented with “7 days” and “21 days”.

This auto-close system has only been applied to certain categories. How do you guys feel about it? Obviously, people can always just ask to have a post reopened if they feel that there’s something constructive, unique, or new they could add to it, but I can understand that having to wait for staff to unlock a thread is an unwanted hassle.

The auto-closing system isn’t retroactive, so a majority of the older threads don’t have it. However, I’ve changed the “necropost warning” to a lower (sooner) number. Hopefully the warning it has isn’t too off-putting.

Steam & Twitter links on Profile

You can set these from your settings. They will appear publicly on your profile, and on your user card (the pop-up when clicking a name in a topic).


When blanking your post, it says that it’ll delete in 24 hours automatically. This has been changed to 12.

New users can now post slightly more images & links. I’d increase it more, but you really just need to raise your trust level.

How are the tags working out for you guys? I’d like to add more, but I’m not sure how you guys are enjoying them, and what you’d like to see.

Your muted tags will not appear in the “Latest” section of the site anymore.



what is this molton



20 characters was the default. I had wanted to check and evidently forgot to change it back to 10. :speak_no_evil:


danaby2 strong text


shut up danaby :rage::rage::rage:


how could you forget general renaxon


You spelled “Miscellaneous” wrong, Molt.


Miscellaneous and Miscellany are two different things.

Miscellany is a collection of miscellaneous.


Didn’t know you guys had this much power! But yeah, I think most of these are good changes, I would recommend adding more tags, however, because right now we’re a bit lacking. Maybe a Maps and Mods tag.
There’s also this weird issue where the forum will only show 2 tags at a time, won’t show more or less and you have to manually search for tags.


Ah, my mistake



edd shitpos teg


Neither of those tags were meant to even be in #workshop, and it was a bug that they were appearing in tag-less categories to begin with! (I’ve assigned various tags to various tag groups, and then the tag groups to various categories.)

I’ve deleted patch-note, as it’s just a worse version of #patch-notes for the two Unturned categories, but the #workshop now has #dev-post, #troubleshooting, and #map as tags.


Disgusting filth that needs to be ridden of. I’d hate to constantly ask for something to be re-opened just so people in the future could conversate about it if something similar pops up. And yes, this


100% this here. I’d like to be able to not time-lock my major posts seeing as people like to build off of them and expand upon ideas further and in more creative ways than I’ve thought up.


This. He basically put my dummy words into some more sophisticated fresh rhymes.

inb4 this thread gets auto-locked so nobody can critique it in the comments


I asked for critique, and there’s no timer on Meta threads right now. Please refrain from trying to bait me into an argument, and refrain from needlessly insulting the integrity of moderators. It is not appreciated, and not called for.

As it stands, if people don’t like the timer, then it’ll either be removed or lengthened. There is nothing keeping staff from changing/removing it. It was implemented because it has been suggested by people in the past, and because a fair amount of the people here have made it clear that they do not appreciate redundant comments being made on excessively old posts, which tend to be the only comments that revive old posts.

After your post was made, I had considered extending it by another week or two, as obviously people did want it and still do want it, but I was waiting to see if anyone else would support your post first, which Armaros has, although that’s been it (as far as I’m aware) thus far. Closing the thread would make it difficult to get the feedback I asked for, so right now there’s no intentions on closing it.

You’re coming off a bit aggressively. If you’re concerned that I didn’t read your posts, because I did not personally acknowledge it at the time, I promise you that I read the post and took your feedback into consideration.


Maybe a little /s would’ve helped make it clear it twas a joke :frowning:

Didn’t mean to come off rude or aggressive. my bad.



And it hath been resolved