Interresting Animal


You should add some sharks in the water and some birds in the high sky, so its will limits the amount of SkyBase and UnderWaterBase


Already suggested. And it’s not like sharks are going to eat bases anytime soon.

What is this, Birdemic?


yeah, but the shark will eat player so it will be more hard to get underwater on swim so makeshift behicle will have their place


and for the bird its like the shark but in the sky


Now I could go with the fact that sharks don’t hunts human unless it’s hungry, which is pretty rare in beaches, where the game usually included. Now I’m not saying that it’s impossible, but it’s just rare. Check out this video, they kinda explained it somewhat well. But ok. I can dig that.

Going outside skybases be like.


yes it will be more like that
so you will need to jump out fast


Not likely for Unturned 3. Was planned around the time of Hawaii. Shifted to backlog and eventually just not really planned tbh.

That’s also more of a major addition to Unturned 3 than what I think realistically assumable to happen.


let’s play spot the 10 year old

Sharks and birds aren’t happening for 3.0. Nelson’s got way more important things to work on (aka 4.0).


That was honestly the worst video I’ve ever seen.

Just shows how bad people can make clips when they want to.


Bring back the indigo chicken


Just because they made a video clip you think is bad doesn’t make them “bad people”


Wasn’t the reason because underwater navigation turned out to be way more of a hassle than Nelson originally thought?
And would the same difficulties be present for aerial navigation?


I believe that may have been a reason at one point when he messed around with aquatic creatures (possibly for Russia?), but I think Modz2Much’s request for them just got really backlogged.

I think aerial navigation would be more difficult imo, but I wouldn’t know. I don’t think U3’s navigation systems would be able to accommodate aerial creatures without it just seeming really janky. Although I don’t know for sure if Nelson messed with aerial navigation at some point in U3, I doubt he has for an extended period of time.

I think Nelson could probably get aquatic creatures working in U3 if it was an actual priority for him.


didn’t know birds had a craving for metal and wood


I guess at the bare minimum, both aerial and aquatic creatures would need to avoid collisions, and follow targets/escape from threats while moving in 3 dimensions, but aquatic creatures would have to remain under water almost constantly while aerial creatures would have to keep moving almost constantly, though exceptions to those additional rules could be made for attack animations.

Seems like a lot of work for something so late in 3.Xs devcycle, and to actually make them a deterrent specifically for building sky bases and underwater bases, but not for anyone just moving through the open air/water, would be even more work.


what the fuck did i just read


Birds can use wood to make their base


Look, your arguement is starting to fall apart since this quote.

And I don’t see any bird eating their own nest. Nor taking wood from houses. Unless that house is made out of sticks. Which is not in Unturned.


and metal?


I didnt see any birds making metal base