"Invalid vehicle id/name"

So sometimes when I try to spawn some modded vehicles on my server they just don’t spawn in and this message pops up, but certain other modded vehicles do work, anyone know a possible reason or fix to this?

Can you list the mods you’re using, and/or which ones aren’t spawning?

Yeah I will list them, it’s a lot but here: Wind Cars, Wind Cars 2.0, Wind Vehicles, Embargo’s Ships, Vanilla Vehicles 2, Zoli’s Military Vehicles, Lax’s Military Modpack, LCPD Swat, and ZWS Apache Attack Helicopter Pack. Do you think it could be a mod conflict or something else?

If it’s a mod conflict—or perhaps the mod just doesn’t work at all—you’ll find errors in the in-game Workshop error log (available from the main menu screens).

In the case of Zoli’s Military Vehicles, it’s not compatible with the latest game version anymore. It states this in the title of their mod.

Lax’s Military Modpack definitely isn’t compatible with the latest game version either. It was last updated in 2017. Any mods older than January 2019 are going to built for the Unity 5 version of the game, and just aren’t compatible.