Inventory / Clothing Overhaul

Inventory Overhauls (edited)

This is about the inventory, and keeping it short, the new additions I’d like and probably most of the community would too would be different clothing “storage spots” and what I mean about this is, say you have some jeans, with pockets on the sides and back.

It would be “Well-Worn Jeans - Storage >
Back pocket (4 slots) Holds 0.50 kg
Back pocket (4 slots) Holds 0.50 kg
Front pocket (4 slots) Holds 0.70 kg” and so on. And yes, I would love to have weight back, because I mean seriously, weight keeps things balanced. You can’t infinetly pick up pistol ammo until your back pack is full - if there’s no more weight, no matter the space, no more storage for you.

Second, with things like tac belts, they come with no storage slots, as they are just belts - but with attachment slots, so you can equip holsters, and the like. And each piece of clothing has an OVERALL weight capacity. Say, the tac belt from before. Overall weight capacity, 5 kg (if you go over then the clothing could break, as you walk / move the durability will go down) and each of the holsters hold like 1.5 kg, y’know? Something like that. Of course Nelson, I would love to see this clothing overhaul.

And everyone who sees this, post your ideas! Let’s see how good ideas we get, and how we can shape this game!

Going off-topic from the title at least,

Server categories

Now, we have two basic categories, Vanilla and PvP. In Vanilla we have Full-Vanilla, and Altered-Vanilla. Full vanilla is just base Unturned without anything differed. No Rocket, no Mods, no different settings AT ALL, except for PvP/PvE. Altered vanilla is vanilla just with different values going up to .75x zombies, and .50x XP (see the dot?) but absolutely NO differed spawn values. If any other values are modified past the limits (.75x base gameplay max, .50x skill gain / skill limit) then it is classified as PvP, where there are litterally no limitations. Can have 1000x XP, or 25000x Guns or whatever. They don’t count as vanilla servers, so as to make playing Unturned better.

Please put your suggestions below! Like I said, the community is dependent on Unturned’s success. So hopefully we do a good job making it boom, right?


What’s with the aggressiveness in the title? Nobody ever said they were tired of seeing suggestions for 4.0. Discussion helps in the creation of new content for 4.0 (well, most of the time) and there’s no reason to be so self hating/aggressive.

edit: good on you for fixing that


I like this suggestion a lot. It actually has a good balance between being tedious and being balanced. If it was added I wouldn’t complain.

Maybe it could work out like fallout 4s style? Except more like unturned

potato has not exploded yet. still nuclear. nice.

This is an amazing idea, maybe for the back pockets whatever you have in there would show up on the character

ooh yeah that’d be cool, I didn’t think about that

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