Inventory Concept Images for Unturned 4.x

You wouldn’t be able to have a generator in your shirt irl. But again, this is a game, we can’t have makeshift vehicle in our shirts as well xD
But I would say that stuff like generators should take up more than just 2x2. And they should have a good weight on them. Like 30lb.
And I honestly would restrict Akimbo weapons to the primary slot as well since having an AR and Akimbo cobras would be a bit overkill.


ah ok the inventory…|*%3A0

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  1. old meme
  2. we call it unturned logic

Third one is what I prefer, good PS too.

I liked 2.0 inventory system better than 3.0 :frowning: sad for me that nelson will use similar in 4.0

There is no confirmation on what type of inventory system Nelson is going to use for 4.x. People are just making guessing based on previous versions and making concepts based on that, but nothing is confirmed.

Gawd, I hope for 2.0-like system.

The fact that the map, gps and the compass have their own slots fill you with determination…

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Do not stress, nelson has a good inventory.
I like what she did (devblog 4)

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