Inventory Issue

I have my items at steam inventory but game doesnt show my skins at main menu inventory

Might just be a connection issue. They aren’t actually gone, no need to worry.
Relaunch the game, restart Steam and/or your PC, see if that helps.

I try restart game , restart steam , re install game , issue still continues

Reinstalling will not fix this. But yeah that is odd. Maybe check if there is a regional issue with Steam services, happened before.

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I dont know it is effected or not but some of my friends give me some cheap skin from steam trade and it fixed

I’m glad you were able to resolve your issue.

For context: Your in-game inventory likely just hadn’t refreshed yet, and then did so sometime after you were sent items from your friend. Anyone else experiencing a similar issue can manually force a refresh by clicking the rotating arrow (“Refresh”) button at the bottom.

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