Inventory system

Maybe instead of using the classic [this shirt gives you 3x3 but this one gives 2x4 so you gota pick one] we can try [this green shirt can carry 2 kg and this bright neon shirt can carry 4 kg…pick one] would be more intresting cus im tired of playing tetris when im fixing my inv.
Would be more useful compared to 3.0 inv tbh since scrap exists…god collecting scrap is annoying in 3.0
Edit:Maybe a dayz like system would be better like oh you pick up this massive gun you loose % of your max stamina.

Weight constraints should be a thing, but volume should also play a part.

I think that adding that much complexity will be a pain for the average player. Someone who wants a very complex and realistic backpack experience can go play Arma3 or whatever is cool nowadays.
I don’t just say this as someone who likes Tetris, I just think that a merely slot based inventory is much more user friendly than one where you have to take into account both weight and shape.

Now, I don’t think my opinion will or should be listened to because I’ll play Unturned II for 15 minutes, get bored of driving, and probably not touch it for a year because of similar complexity extras already in place, but turning unturned into a hardcore survival experience might not be the way to go.

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Well first of all i too love tetris but playing tetris in middle of a firefight is not fun.
Just look at 3.0 you pick up scrap,like a metric ton of it and it just annoying that it fills all the inventory space and you gota drop them 1 by 1.Maybe if it was more like rust y kno materials stacking the grid based would be better.

I’m not sure if you have been following much, but stacking and item weight is already considered for the new game but paired with the multi-grid inventory system (and I believe it’s also shown in the demo).


It’s literally just weight for the most part, the fuck

If you manage you inventory mid firefight you deserve to loose

It’s just an example, I don’t know what hardcore simulators you lot are into these days.

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Thats where you wronk kiddo.
Sometimes you gota fix that inventory mid fight to grab more important shite.And whats more annoying then not being able to pick a gun cus you had a piece of scrap blocking the pickup?
This doesnt happen often but when it happens i get angy.

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A bad one at that

Betting money I am older than you but that is besides the point

Hotkeys and shortcuts should solve that. Only thing I can see yu inventory managing mid firefight and not loosing on the spot is if eitrher both parties do it or the TTK is ridiculously high.

Worry about that before picking a fight (or opening yourself up to one). Inb4 soem randomly cherrypicked example that shows you inventory managing and thus winning the fight.

Fair enough, I think you should get angry in that case.

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