Ireland Map objects?

Could someone upload the Ireland Map objects to the workshop?

Ehh any reason ?

yeah I want to use some of the stuff XD,


you can use them rn, but they’ll disappear after it goes to workshop.

not if they are uploaded as their own workshop object :3
and if I import the bundles file into my own map. it worked for the bunker arena map objects :3

Yes, but it shall stay in your map, don’t expect people to publish ‘‘official’’ in-game content in the Workshop like that.

they have XD
they did it for bunker arena XD

Yeah except:

The person who created it did, and they did it after it was removed from vanilla.

no someone uploaded it to the workshop BEFORE then XD

Was it deleted for infringing on Danaby’s assets, or was it because people were having issues using the normal editor to get the assets at the time? :thinking:

maybe, I cant find it in my subscribed list anymore XD

First off, most of the people here including myself do not condone ripping curated assets off and publishing them as your own. That’s infringement, breaks various rules in the Steam Terms of Use/EULA, and is generally a jerk move. So I wouldn’t advise doing that.

These are original Workshop assets that should stay within the Ireland map unless you have the explicit permission of the Ireland team. I’d also recommend letting Danaby know you “borrowed” his assets too, unless you want to get hit with some unforeseen legal implications with your maps and account.

Also, inserting “XD” after every comment you make does not make you funny or helpful. Would just like to point that out.


T-T okai ill go delete all the stuff from there.
as in delete allt he objects on my map. so yeah…

also, btw the person who published the workshop item did it because you couldnt really use them otherwise. I also put xD cause well… I dunno, its not like I consider my stuff funny. I just think something I did was stupid so I think its funny about that.

Oh, are you referring to the person who had his stuff taken down from infringement, or the one that had their account terminated?

Or maybe, the fact that the bunker arena assets are potentially now usable and do not require an additional third-party upload?

You do it because you’re immature.

Anyways, do not upload any objects created by timed curation, or any other curation projects, without their consent. This is common sense. It shouldn’t take any real thought to realise doing this without asking and getting the green light to upload would be fine.

The real question is:

Why not make your own objects?

Im a failure at using those programs. I can never get it right. the reason :confused:

when did this happen. Also, if this is stealing, then well my workshop item should have already been taken down, since I used the crate from bunker arena.
1 more thing, I consider things to have been added tot he game, even temporarily. Official. I know this is sorta stupid but I dont really care, if its stealing I will remove the objects from my map. and wont use them again. Im not really in the mood to try and give good reasons to all this so whatever.

one more thing. if your gonna upload a map to the workshop, and it has custom objects, wouldnt you be basically allowing people to use it? I think the guy who got his taken down is because he uploaded objects that werent his. if you use them in your map, I think thats fine. Yes, I will ask if I can use the objects but if not, then I will continue what I said before.

ahh, heres the guy who uploaded them. he clearly stated THAT HE DID NOT make them. and it wasnt taken down so yeah.

One thing you might want to learn is that others really don’t give a crap about what you think.

Literally look at what you just wrote.

“I consider things to have been added to the game, even temporarily, Official.”

The Ireland team sees differently.

“Im not really in the mood to try and give good reasons to all this so whatever.”

This doesn’t justify just going and taking their assets without asking, like others have suggested to do. I wonder, did you even look at their responses? If you really didn’t pay attention or try to back up your side of the argument, why are you here, then? This is a forum. One of the sole purposes is receiving and responding to others. If poor little you can’t do that, then don’t complain when people tell you something that goes against what you consider. I apologize if it comes off as a harsh, but it’s how it is. I’m really not trying to promote some kind of elitist forum where everyone needs to act top notch but please, act more mature.