Is everyone excited for pancake day?

Hey everyone I am of course over the moon for pancake day what about you lot? What will you be putting on your pancakes? I will be having Honey, Chocolate spread, Marshmallow and sugar + lemon pancakes! :grin:

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Damn Irish and their weird holidays.

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You must be a mind reader! Or just a bad reader…

march 5 will be carnaval wtf

I don’t like pancakes that much.

More than waffles, but :man_shrugging:. More than french toast too.

But those are just technicalities. >:Y


for me its
French Toast > Pancakes > Rat Shit > Waffles


I’d much prefer a nian gao, a sweet glutinous rice and red bean dessert that is then fried in oil, commonly eaten during the Lunar New Year.

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Pancakes with Maple Syrup > literally all that other shit

Change my mind you can’t

Maple syrup makes most things better, like pancakes. But sometimes it can be a bit to much.

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Blasphemy. No such thing.

glugs maple syrup by the bottle to absorb its power, obtaining superhuman abilities

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Or gets heart disease

man why do waffles get shitted so much theyre delicious

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It’s because they require absolutely no skill to make. All you do is mix the batter and toss it into a waffle machine.

you made waffle sad

I don’t know how to cook pancakes but ok…
Love em tho

i have a waffle machine from the soviet union that still works. makes good waffles. And who cares about skill, they taste nice.

But honestly, nothing beats placki ziemniaczane, or potato pancakes, with apple sauce.


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That does not look like a pancake!

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