Is Foxhole good?

saw it on Steam many times, and it looks kinda cool i guess but is it worth buying? Is it dead?

I’ve been playing it about 2 years ago and it was pretty fun, but I don’t know how it looks now. You can try it out and if you will be disappointed you can still refund it.

Eh, true. Thanks :smiley:

I’ve had Foxhole for a long time and I’ve seen the game change throughout it’s many updates, but the game could really never draw me in.

You sink hours scavenging for resources just to build a single artillery shell which gets used in less than a second. I don’t find it rewarding and communication is either non-existent in which case it’s a FFA or it’s one guy bossing everybody around.

The game has also been made even more tedious by the fact that everything happens at an extremely slow space, there are no quick skirmishes; and that’s a shame because I really adore it’s art direction.

And the combat is also annoying, as certain equipment allows you to scan further across your screen (most notably snipers and binoculars) it’s a common sight to get shot from somebody you couldn’t even see.

Unless you really enjoy running around in a server for hours on end, buy Running with Rifles instead, it’s got all of the junk taken out and has more fun pumped into it.


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It really depends on your preference. It’s a really slow-paced game in most cases, but finishing a task is very rewarding. Like crazycat said, if you’re disappointed, you can refund it. I’ve played 74 hours so far, and I absolutely love it.

By the way, there’s a zombie event right now, which is AMAZING.

edit: Also if you aren’t quite sure there are a ton of videos on youtube that sum up its gameplay.

I got it now. haven’t played yet

Am now refunding because it doesn’t work


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It’s worth a buy. I’ve been playing it consistently for over a year now. Also, go for the Wardens. They’re the better faction.

wait, no wonder your username looks familiar, are you WARCORP in game too?

Yes, I am…

welp, it’s a small world!

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