Is it possible to add support for gamepads for PS,XBOX to the PC version of the game?

I would like to be able to play the PC version on the gamepad. It would be much more pleasant for me, but it is almost impossible to play comfortably through other programs


if you’re willing to get your hands dirty you could maybe do it with some third-party programs that emulate keyboard and mouse input via controller. But it would probably be pretty rough.

Unturned can be played using a controller set up through Steam’s Big Picture Mode. Are you running into an issue with using that feature?

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The problem is that in the game it is impossible to adjust the smooth rotation of the steering wheel, as well as the adjustment of the gas / brake pedal, assigning them to the appropriate triggers / sticks on the gamepad

I completely agree with your idea, but this may take into account cross game platforms, and there may be many, many things that need to be done