Is it possible to make a particle effect NOT derender?

I have an explosion effect I am trying to make render at long distances so other players can spot it, and adjust elevation of vehicle gun accordingly, is it possible to make it not derender/be culled?

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in my experience setting your effect’s tags and layers to Logic and Ground like this should do what you want
if your effect’s gameobject has any children, be sure to set all their tags and layers to Logic and Ground as well


If you don’t mind, am I able to do the same thing to projectiles? They are despawning from view too.

haven’t tested that, however from what i have tested you could attach particle systems to the projectile that either use Logic and Ground or have Debris as both tag and layer and see what happens


Thank you very much, you have no idea how much you have helped me


Hey, I’ve recategorized the post & marked @FalkenJr’s response as a solution to the question.

Um, idk if this is bothering you or a dumb question, but is it possible to make players render in as well?

as far as I’m aware you can’t change player LODs, only the vest/backpack/helmet/etc LODs

even then those items will still be subject to individual player’s draw distance settings, along with the game’s built in distance culling

I’ve done some testing and that logic ground solution you offered works in singleplayer, however in multiplayer it does not seem to work - the explosion derenders at a notably close range

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