Is Nelson currently working on 4.0 or still relaxing....?

I was living in a rock dont mind me…

pretty sure hes still relaxing. He kinda got burned out so he needs to focus on something else for a while till he can do it without trying to find reasons not to work on it. SO yes, as far as we know.

No, as of right now, he is no longer suffering from a burnout (at least, not as badly) and is working actively on both a large 3.0 update as well as 4.0.

Development Status Report:

After taking some time off over the last week I’m feeling less burned out, and have been getting lots of stuff done for! Once that releases (likely next week) I’ll be putting some more time back into 4.0, and hopefully finally getting the roadmap up - the delay there is around figuring out the actual details of things like the survival mechanics, but I’ll be reviewing more community feedback and getting an initial plan all filled out.

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Expect an update and some dev info soon


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