Is Nelson OK?

Thats a good q u e s t i o n

Cue the commercial music

Do you want a devlog?
Do you want nelson?

Well good! because now at Peskys Premium services we now offer “Bringing the dead back to life”!
After our somewhat successful campaign on Peskys Premium Antibiotics, and our attempt at making a bathtub

because we had one death make this shit retarded and full of lawsuits.

We can make people live in eternal hell or heaven.

mostly hell

Now, you can make nelson spend his entire life devoted to making 32 devlogs while he puts up with all our shit!

Pesky Premium Revival Services do not offer a return policy or refunds


This is so good. You know what. Ok, this is epic.

Fuck. Sad part is your prolly right.

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insert nelson got shot meme here

His soul left his body

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y’all’re stupid, Nelson is actually dead

that poor man, i cant believe they would just post a photo of him after death

post with this photo (click me plz)


If he was last seen two days ago on the forum, can we report him as missing?

Yes, everything is okay and going well. Stay tuned!


Stay turned.


@NarcolepticHound delet ursef /s

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that was gonna be my joke but i felt lazy


very odd quote from our man molt…

is nelson actually molton in disguise?

Nah Molt and Nelson are childhood friends

Really? Cool

Should we expect it by the end of the month


Lmao I dont know

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