Is "PineRidge" a fictional location?

When I looked up “PineRidge” on google, it shows results of a winery. So does that mean that Unturned will be filled with fictional places than states, provinces or nations. But here is my question, is PineRidge “Fictional”. Here is my guess, I think that it really is fictional. In my opinion, I think it will be better if there is maps like areas that are on states such as “North Bay” California. It would be better if the maps are not based on Fictional places, Whole countries or Big states. I would recommend parts of a state or a province.

What bloody ocean are you in, 'tis a place in Calgary, Canada!


And to continue on from what Yarr said, Nelson is from Calgary.

Pineridge is also, of course, basically just a test map anyways.

Why can’t nelson just call the map Calgary then if it’s going to be filled with just City. When I looked up Calgary, it’s a city in Canada and that’s it, A CITY!! If it’s a city, i’m pretty sure it will work out like GTA but with zombies and more urban locations. Pineridge is a “Neighborhood” that is up north of Calgary.

It’s a small test map. Can’t be Calgary if it’s a portion of it

Because making a whole big city for a test map might be pointless ? And the fact that a neighborhood is probably just enough to a give an idea of what things will look like later on development.

Oh, Okay. I thought it was the stuff that I just said

I agree, a neighborhood is perfect for a test map. By the way, I heard that a lot of Yotubers have been over speculating that it takes place in the US due to the Speed Limit 80 sign.

As you said only speculations. When we learned that it was called Pineridge it was already most likely confirmed to be set in Canada, Calgary.

Yarr talked to Nelson about this (mph vs kph) a long time ago and Nelson said something akin to it being ambiguous or “both.”

Regardless, Pineridge is basically the Unturned II equivalent of Devtest_1 (aka Alpha Valley for all you latecomers). It’s semi-fictional, and in reality all “realistic” maps in Unturned are pretty far from their real counterparts. So even though Pineridge is indeed a neighbourhood in Calgary, you should still treat it as an ambiguous test map.

Not really relevant, but also, it’s also worth mentioning 80 mph speed limits are ridiculously high, in comparison to 80 kph speed limits, which actually exist in Alberta. Believing all the speculation you see isn’t a good thing. The first page of Google isn’t the most reliable source either.


There wasn’t really a Devtest_1 equivalent for 1.X or 2.X, so, assuming Pineridge will be nothing more than a test map seems unfounded IMHO.
Also, the fact that Pineridge is a place Nelson would actually be able to visit, and is a small enough area that it could more faithfully be recreated in an Unturned map make it possible that Pineridge could be closer to its real life counterpart than previous maps.

1.x map wasn’t that complete however for 2.x there was only a small playable portion of PEI during the development before it got released on Steam.

It actually makes sense now.

Ehem, Pineridge not PineRidge…

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