Is playing the Chinese version of unturned (Untransformed) still possible?

There was a collaboration with Tencent to make a 2nd build of unturned that would be handled by an another developer.
I’ve tried finding untransformed on the chinese perfect world steam.
And the last post on the developer’s social media website is from 2019.
So what happened? Does it still exist? Does it differ from the mainline build and how does it differ?

Wait, Nelson really did that?
Would explain the numbers.

yeah Unturned - SDG Wiki

Untuned was a massive hit in unturned, it caused it’s players to lose a copious amount of social credit, it was removed due to that issue.

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At least not many China players are playing this version (maybe none of them are playing). . . Maybe it’s because this version doesn’t support creative workshops? ? ?
Tencent’s team has never released public news again.

So how do you guys play unturned then? Isn’t there like a “perfect world” version of steam?

There is, but last I checked you can still use the non-censored version. They’ll enforce it eventually I guess.

The “Perfect World” version of steam is hardly used by anyone.

huh ok, thanks for the answer!

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