Is the Honeybadger OP?

AKA new meme format of the week. Feel free to edit as you please. (Also shitty edit was made by me. Sorry I’m not on my PC w/ GIMP so quality will suck.)

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Cool. Idc.

:frowning: Not spicy enough?

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Simply because of the amount of metal needed to repair ir.

It depends, a lot of players don’t play on Normal/Hard servers, only easy mode.

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It depends.
Grab a full list of pros and cons and you can then figure it out yourself. Everybody can have their own opinion.
Imo, and I believe it’s commonly agreed, that, it’s got quite some effort to go before being called OP.
It is perfectly balanced in its current state. =D

You can just scrap three knives and fix it, not that hard

No. It must be spicier.

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