Is there a way I can delete my account?


I’m not kidding, is there a way I can delete my account? I genuinely want to delete my account from this site. Would appreciate instructions soon, thanks.


I don’t think there is, however, I believe ether @MoltonMontro or @Yarrrr can help.

Oh and of course, farewell rotten potat.


That would be appreciated. In case I’m asleep while either of them come online or get the notification, just delete/ban my account. Either will be fine, many thanks.


Farewell, I wish you well on your future tomfuckery.


yeah I was lying about saying i wished I had enjoyed your absence.

Now its permanent, We wish you luck on your endeavors, and perhaps we will meet you again some day.

Keep writing your stories, they’re interesting to read.


We can anonymize (Remove all traces of your account info) and deactivate your account but cannot delete it since you’ve already made significant activity on it in the past.

Goodbye mate.


He probably just wants to move away from all of Unturned similar to alot of people


If you are leaving permanently, then seeya i guess Good luck, comrade.


what happened to your name?
are you gone now?


it’s bittersweet

a friend we may never see again, but he’s moving onto better things, hopefully.

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So long, partner


brb checking if im in the top 10 yet

edit: bunch of inactives i have to surpass :angry:


Just post a ton of unfunny memes, that should do the trick.
Seriously though, take care!


where do you even check that?


Click the 3 bars, then go to users. You can see all the stats (your name in grey at the top sadly doesn’t indicate you beat everyone else though)


@Yarrrr reset Nuclear’s post stats, he’s in my way to the big 10 and it’s annoying me.



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why is that annoying to you lol


Because I need something to flex.


flextape c: