Is there a way to disable items from respawning in a custom map

So, I am making a map, designed to be hardcore survival and I would like to disable items from respawing once a player has picked them up. Is this to be configured by a server or am I to configure it

I don’t think it is possible to disable them entirely but you could increase the item respawn timer still. All items will respawn automatically on a server restart still though.

I’d be very concerned with getting the proper balance if you want to limit item spawns. In the past, I was locked out from playing on a server because there were only enough items to sustain the first group that reached the location. Nobody will play the map if gameplay is a matter of sitting 10-15 minutes or more waiting for food or materials to respawn so that you can travel to another location.

I think that there’s someway you can use mod hooks to give players an item after interacting with an object. Mod Hooks — Unturned 0.1 documentation

I really don’t think that limiting item spawns are really the best way to go with hardcore though. You could also place deadzones around the map, increase zombie spawns, incentivize players to build farms, instead of making every item spawn only once. Just imagine what might happen if you die to PvE but you can’t get your loot back in time.

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