Is there a way to disable Object Culling in the editor?

Is there a way to disable/remove the automatic object culling? I’d like to use the manual volumes because right now I step 50m away from the house, which is not that much, and all the objects in the house and on the windows disappear which really changes the way everything feels and looks, especially conflicting with the way I’m detailing my map.
Sometimes there’s even entirely nonsensical volumes which makes things look really weird
I get that these things are supposed work this way to increase performance, but at this point it feels really invasive.


Also whatever is happening here

Most culling volumes (for vanilla buildings) are inset a bit – they usually shouldn’t be catching stuff in the window, like it appears to be doing in your screenshot. Are these manually-placed culling volumes (from the “Volumes” tab)? Are you using any modded objects with culling volumes attached to them?

If you haven’t read this doc already, it contains additional information that you may find helpful: Manual Object Culling — Unturned 0.1 documentation


I do have some modded assets, but the houses in those screenshots are Vanilla, and I haven’t placed any object culling volumes manually. The giant volume in my reply is the metro station, which extends above ground for some reason. I’ve read that doc and it doesn’t really help. I’ve also noticed that the set culling volumes don’t correctly scale with the Object.
So there’s no way to disable these so I can add them manually?

The documentation linked goes into a bit more detail, but:

a) If the culling volume was added to the object itself, then you’re unable to select them as they aren’t actually saved in the level. This is true for many of the large vanilla objects, as these predate manually-placeable objecting culling volumes. You can view the relevant game data properties from the ObjectAsset documentation.

b) If you have a custom object that shouldn’t be culled by an object culling volume, you can add the Exclude_From_Culling_Volumes true boolean property to it.

As a workaround, you could consider using Master_Bundle_Override and Bundle_Override_Path to reuse a vanilla model but with customized game data (e.g., to adjust the LOD_Size_ and LOD_Center_ properties, or remove LOD, or exclude the object from culling volumes). This wouldn’t be as performant though, especially if you’re using a lot of individual objects to detail your environments.


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