Is there a way to rotate an entire custom map?

I have a map I want to rotate. Lets say I want to turn Russia upside down. I take it this is do-able, but just in some obscure way or involves installing Unity.

Really all it has to do is rotate the heightmap and objects and zombie spawns and navmesh’s

Nope. You’re going to have to redo the entire map.


Yes but objects will have to be moved manually. I will walk you through the process if you still want to do it. It involves flipping height maps.

Well, most of it.* You should be able to rotate the actual terrain of most maps easily enough by just rotating the heightmap. Then you can bake the materials.

That just wouldn’t cover the materials (manually painted), objects, nodes, spawns, resources, foliage, etc.

Unless the map was entirely made in the Devkit (like Germany), as opposed to being converted (like Russia or Destruction) or being entirely made in the Editor and being unconverted. In which case, I believe the game makes a compressed file for each individual tiles’ heightmaps, so you wouldn’t be able to effectively rotate them.

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Is this pirate speak?


You can rotate a bunch of maps in a photo editing software. Acording to memes, Belgium was Russia upside down.

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