Is there any way to bring back the Volatiles?

Even though the Volatiles were a mere addition as part of April Fool’s, I’m not gonna lie, they made night time so much more fun. For me at least.

Having to be wary of super zombies when travelling at night made the game much more challenging and exciting. It definitely brought a big smile to my face.

Is there anyway to bring them back?

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Interesting, so it means that modders can make their own turneds now?

No, that’s not what it means.

Ah understood. What did he mean when he spoke about custom uses?

I’ve linked the card because it’s relevant to the original post, which was asking if there was a way to “bring them back”. Modders will be able to use them if they desire.

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So, I’m guessing once the next patch as indicated in the card drops (which I’m assuming will be Friday), modders can start using the Volatiles for their own uses?

Well shit, now I’ll actually have to start modding the game

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