Is this a thing? Auto-saving in Vanilla Unturned

Multiple times my power has gone out and my Rocketmod servers are completely fine, as they have auto-saving, but everyone on my vanilla servers go crazy because they lost a plethora of hours of loot, because I don’t know of any auto-saving mechanism.


You have many hours in the game. How do you not know. It doesn’t have an auto save feature.

There is not vanilla auto-save feature. iirc there’s several third-party scripts that exist.

Asfar as I know there is none, I was curious if someone knew of one

Don’t know how to make a script nor do I know of such third-party scripts /shrug. Wanna point me in the right direction?

Using Google would probably be a good start. Start from the top and go down.

Probably need an auto-restart script to go with it too, and then tinker around a bit so they can piggyback off each other.

Already did, they’re outdated AF.

Autorestart is useless and unecessary.