Is this possible

xD if we can only repell on a chinook or other heli

(btw im not shure whats the spelling of repell )

Lemme know what you think on the comments

Please, improve your grammar. I can’t understand a word you saying

Basically he’s asking if in 4.0 we can rappel from helicopters (think rescue helicopters with the ropes down the side). Personally, if it’s only on certain helis (eg coastguard) then that’d be fine. You’d need the harness though, or you’d be done for. Another use would be putting down a hook and abseiling on cliff faces, as an alternative mean of getting down a steep location.


Repel, and ascending. I think you auto correct is goofy.

Rappelling is like abseiling, and by ascending don’t you mean abseiling? I think your knowledge of the English language is goofy.

Hang on, Google will help me, (also I messed up, ascending is going up).

Edit: I’ma silly fool.
Edit2: Google says abseil isnt used very often, in the US it is most commonly rappelling, or descending.

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Im typing on my phone right now sorry bout that

About the ascend.I think he means to rappel back to the heli OMG idk what term to use here I think its basically the opposite of rappelling down

Why not make a post about grapling hooks to be used on helis to do what you’re suggesting here, in addition to rappelling which can be use on cliffs/edges that aren’t more than 75m away

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75m seems a bit generous for how far you could throw a line, but maybe with upgraded skills or additional tools it could be done.

Well 1 meter is about 3 feet. The average man is around 6 ft or 2 meters. So, 3 x 75 = 225 feet. I believe it is possible to throw that far.

Well, that is a maximum distance. You can’t throw anywhere further.

Ok thats goodd

WWII soldiers threw hand grenades like 50m in extreme cases.

Sure, 75m is possible, but stretching it a bit

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