Is Weather Hard-coded into Unturned?

I’ve made posts about wanting to mod blizzards into sandstorms, and I’m assuming that isn’t possible because there isn’t an example and the fact that Nelson hasn’t really talked about any modded weather.

I still really want to make those sandstorms happen though Nelson please at least make them yourself


Sahara Desert map please :joy:
With 1.5x dehydration speed

cough cough cough
(Links to the Kuwait Discord, if you don’t know what Kuwait is - look on a map.)

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Kuwait isn’t part of the Sahara desert tho

I want something extreme like the Sahara xD
Pure sand for hours of walking until you don’t know which direction you’re going.
Very limited trees. Having a coastline with shipwrecks. Tents of nomads scattered around. And of course camels for leather and meat. Which is where the temperaure mechanics come in because you will be very cold at night so you will need clothes to not waste as much food to keep your temperature regulated

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