ISSUE - Main menu GPU usage

When I have Unturned turned on and am on the menu, the GPU usage is way too much.

The reason for that appears to be that there is a lack of a proper upper limit for the game’s GPU usage while in the main menu.
Please add a limit to it. I don’t need 1000 FPS for the main menu.


You need to cap your framerate or enable vsync. Your GPU is trying to render hundreds of frames every second since no limit is set. This behavior is normal for most games, only a few place a strict upper limit.


Thanks for telling me that. I was able to reduce my GPU usage thanks to your information.


It’s important to note that sometimes this doesn’t work. I put it on the github but unsure if it’s fixed yet

I thought it didn’t work at first too, but then I realised that I had to disable VSync to limit my FPS. So maybe that’s what happened to you too.