Issue regarding map files

every time I go to put in my map my modified files “Details.unity3d” and “Materials.unity3d” the map does not load. how did I raise it?

you only need one unity file, and you put in the wrong files XD

yes, but you’re not helping me, so how can I do it?

what folders are you putting the files into?

the folder is called “Terrain”

I fixed the title to reflect the post.

Hopefully someone who is more experienced with mapmaking can help you out.

thank you GreatHeroJ

well here the idea then, since I misunderstood and thought you meant a object. did you bundle them correctly? if you didnt, then you need the files from there. as they could cause some problems. Other than that, I cant really help you. I know how to use the editor, but Its not my expertise to add materials and such.

NOTHING :frowning:

well dang. sorry, I have no idea how to help DX

do not worry :wink:

I found this guide that might solved your problem.
It also including where to put in your unity.3d files aswell. Not really sure if it’s related to your actual problem though. Godspeed.

I also suggested trying verifying your game cache. Just in case.

the map does not load anyway, loads to 1/4 of the map load

and it is so to infinity.

Would be nice if you could post the pictures on how you’ve set things up.

Also, try making a new map to see if it’s work or not.

the materials and other things I have impstate as in that guide.
I did the same things said in the guide

The guide has a little error in witch it makes everything black, the guide is outdated, I know this is kinda a plug, but im going to send the guide I made with new info.
Make sure your using Unity 5.5.3

is not the 5.5.3 good as a version?

I solved the problem :slight_smile:
thanks for trying to help me.

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