Issue with the hole volume I can't go through it

While trying to help someone who had an issue with their hole volume tool they couldn’t walk through I discovered the same applies to my map and as far as I know the only way to fix this is to make a new map. Does anyone know a solution for this that doesn’t involve creating a new map?

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That doesn’t answer the question, I dont wan’t to seal the hole. Anyways someone on Discord told me what the problem was it’s because I had Use Underground Whitelist set to true in the config for the map.

Hey, but why you want to remove it in the first place? Underground Whitelist bool works with out of landscape objects (like bunkers, metro, caves etc.) pretty well. You just need to place an object inside the hole.

So you either seal the landscape hole or place an object inside it to fix teleportation issues. Turning off Underground Whitelist will make any Out of bounds glitches possible.

If you say so then what am I suppose to do about this?

Uhhhh this shouldn’t be happening before, Nelson probably broke something after adding Cut tool.