Issues with MK.II easter egg

---------EDIT 2----------
Let this be a PSA for anyone having trouble with this quest and is unaware. You CAN enter the first laboratory multiple times, and you HAVE to open the door yourself to finish the quest.

---------EDIT 1----------

Tried at the crystal again and succeeded, no idea what went wrong the first time. Probably just miscounted the amount of zombies. This raises a follow-up question. Can you access the soulcrystal lab several times? Realized I need to open the keycard door myself.

I’m trying to complete the Mk.II easter egg for the first time, and stumbled upon an unexpected issue. I have completed the Soulcrystal puzzle, I’ve placed the cursed artifacts(and treasure) and I believe the door in the lab has been opened, but when I went to try to teleport to the boss chamber, nothing happened. I killed in excess of 30 zombies near the crystal, but no teleport.

I am trying this on a server, and while doing the Soulcrystal puzzle I entered the lab just after another player. I believe the door in the lab was opened by this player, since I found no openable door in the lab. Could this have contributed to my issues?

Was the other player a team mate or just a temporary partner? Because if you are as an official team, it should work for both so long as you had done everything together from the beginning.

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