Item Suggestions

So, for Unturned 4.x, I have a small wishlist of items which would be awesome to see in the final game.


  1. Special Military Combat Helmets with built-in NVG’s
  2. Different types of tactical vests, like there are in Arma
  3. Navy diving gear

(ofc no real weapons since you guys give them your own names)

  1. AWM/AWP
  2. USAS-12
  3. Homing Rocket Launcher (PvP)
  4. The return of the Shadowstalker
  5. More Pistols


  1. Deployable rangefinder for sniping
  2. Night-/Heatvision Bino’s


  1. Some more Jets
  2. A sports car cause why not

Look I know programming a game isn’t the easiest task and Unturned is no military combat sim but I would still love to maybe see some of these in-game some day :smiley: Have a great day and happy programming!

No please

Okay that’s understandable

Basically a reskinned Timber. Maybe yeah but it’s only used by the UK so iunno if we’ll ever really see it outside of there.

Basically a reskinned Devil’s Bane. Maybe.

Please. No. Thank. You.

It’s likely to return.

I can guarantee that he’s adding new pistols at least somewhere down the line of 4.0’s development.

Like a SOFLAM? Nah.

I’d much rather keep these as goggles to make it a nerf to choose something other than them instead of a backpackable item that can be used like binos. Thermal Vision is still an argument-prone suggestion


Will most likely be added.

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If I had a dime for every person in this forum who suggested a ridiculously broken, uber PvP-centric, ultra military grade OP superweapon to be added into 4.0, I’d be able to buy an overpriced killcounter mythical through the Steam Market.

Seriously, what makes you think this is remotely a good idea? Especially when 4.0 is trying to shift away from the horrific battlefield FPS that is 3.0.

Also @101gamer101 already pointed out everything else

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No devils bane or usas. I mean whats the point of a fully automatic shotgun which can kill in 1 shot?

Sometimes there’s more than one zombie, and mega zombies exist.

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