ItemGunAsset modding documentation

Hey, modders! We’ve recently added some new modding documentation to the U3-Docs GitHub repository. For those who are unaware, this repository contains the official documentation for modding (and server hosting).

Ranged weapons

The biggest addition is the inclusion of ItemGunAsset class documentation, available within the file. When combined with the previously-released documentation such as for ItemWeaponAssets, this is the latest and most up-to-date official documentation available regarding properties usable by ranged weapons.

Read up on properties you may not be familiar with, or for some of the examples we provide on how one can utilize more advanced properties. Learn about how you can implement gun jamming, damage falloff, calibers, projectile systems, quest rewards, and more into your modded ranged weapons!

Camera shake

While not as major, the most recent round of additions includes documentation on the soon-to-be-added camera shake properties available to EffectAssets.

  • CameraShake_Radius float: Players within the radius around the effect are affected by other camera shake properties.

  • CameraShake_MagnitudeDegrees float: The amount of camera shake inflicted upon affected players, in degrees.


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