Items in editor

let every item(shirt, gun, food, etc) in game be a placeable as an object for mapmaking decorations

Clothes and others yes,but guns…meh
Map developers would just be able to tease us with non-useable guns.


I could find these useful for decorating safezones and teasing players with their existence while placing them behind a partially transparent panel.

But of course, they could also be useful for actually being items you could take, although in more unorthodox conditions.

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As a map maker I think it’d be awesome to just be able to place guns as spawns as an option. The current node system is pretty annoying.

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I think that what you mean is always spawning or once off guns/ food that always spawn in a specific place?

It’s absolutely possible. You just have to convert the skeletal mesh into static mesh.

It’s only annoying if you don’t know how to use it. If you can’t be bothered to figure the system out, use this

well I figured it out but its annoying to switch back and forth and such aswell sometime stuff doesnt save and if youre a new player it can be a little confusing

chief if that ever happens it’s because you forgot to save, not because “the system is bad”

Well I also used a mac before so it could just be that I was on a terrible computer lol. Now i’m on a much nicer one.

yes, so if you want people to have a certain type of gun/ start of with certain gear they can.

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