Item's model override skill requirement text


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目前创意工坊有汉化补丁 如果让官方更新汉化那是一个巨大的工程,现在官方只有英语没有其他语言如果语言更新那就是很多国家的,你的问题有一点难办

Have you considered the issue of MOD conflicts? What if it’s in English? Generally, MOD or sinicization may cause this type of model coverage. If it is a MOD issue, you can consider contacting the MOD author, sinicization author, or the like. I have also encountered this situation when playing with MOD items. The English original item name is too long, and when translated into Chinese, it directly overlaps with the model, making it impossible to see what it is called.

I test En localization.
Sadly,it still override the text.
I assume that it have not connection with Localization.

Okay, that seems to be a matter of text,This kind of thing is often encountered after updates