It's alive!


Over 36000 players, Unturned ain’t no dead.

What could explain this amount of players :thinking:


dang. just as I shut all my servers down to try out overclocking (which I’ve put off for months lmao)


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I don’t think the game was ever ‘dead’. It may of lost some players (notable or otherwise) but still, it’s still alive and kicking.


Indeed, still good to see that lots have found an interest with the game again tho.


what is and how do you overclock?

I’ve heard it multiple times and i dont know what it is or how to do it


It’s a process in which you modify your CPU to be able to use 100% of its available power, which significantly shortens its life span.


Simple computer logic:

A CPU does clocks (calcuations) in a second. 3GHz is 3 billion calculations a second

Therefore upping the clockrate (overclocking) past what the factory defaults to will make your CPU be able to do more calculatons in a second. Say 3.5Ghz instead of 3GHz

The trade off is that you can’t simply overclock higher and higher. The CPU will require more power, which requires more voltage. More voltage means more power consumption, more power consumption means higher heat output. Usually a CPU is supposed to be under 60c during long periods of times.

Also you must consider that Architecture (the way the CPU is made) and lithography (how small the CPU die and cores actually are) are a BIG part of the build. You could have a 5GHz CPU with 8 cores that will be devastated and destroyed by a 4 core 4GHz purely because of a vastly better architecture.

Some CPU’s can not be overclocked. Some can. Also generally speaking AMD CPU’s are meant for collective processing power while Intel CPU’s are meant for high single-threaded performance.



What in the goddamn…?


I got a carrot nose today


School hurt Unturned on January-February I predict a drop back to normal.