It's pyrotechnics

-Find fireworks in shops, they are in different colors useful for signaling locations and can be used with long-range explosive of course the explosion will be very weak compared to grenades and dynamites but if they hit a flammable surface at a chance to start a fire.

To make a unit you will need paper, glue, a roll of cardboard that can be found in toilets, a line to be the pavil and gunpowder that can be found or manufactured, to make powder is necessary for coal and some chemical powders found in laboratories, these handcrafted fireworks have no color and do not go as far as the others, I think the main utility would be to use them to blow up certain storage with flammable things I will leave an example below.

The video shows how fireworks can be used to make explosions. Another example would be pouring gasoline into the ground attracting opponents to the scene and firing the fireworks causing fires.


I do like the idea, although i feel as if this would make areas easier. Considering that we get to fire a Firework at any explosive makes it seem like a get in, get out operation but without the threat. And since nearly every location has some sort of fuel pump station, You could lure zombies in with the scent of gas or the Sound of the compression going off, and then blow them the fuck up.

Well it is not any place that has explosives exposed and even if you eliminate some zombies they will still have others what is worth for players too and then the precision of the fires will not be very good since taking out the part of lighting the wick it does it all alone .

for some reason i cant comprehend what you just said. Correct me if im wrong, but are you talking about explosives not being exposed much, The in-accurateness of the fires, and taking out the wick does not do it?

Peoples talking about using fireworks as weapons while I try to find a way to get cool firework showing .

i don’t know why but i love this idea. I can just imagine getting all the zombies in a pool of gasoline and igniting it. Seems like a really cool idea.

Maybe flares could also ignite stuff like that. Since they create sparks it should light it up, right? i don’t know how flares work… Whatever the case i like it.


Well, fireworks are good idea.
Yes, for signals, yes, for explosions.
is good for party too.
But it will atract more zombies from a good range.

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This is a cool idea, but I’d rather just have a vanilla Flare Gun that you can find in fire stations and campgrounds.


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